After sales services

Dayton has a comprehensive service and maintenance network all over Finland. Sales of spare parts and an accomplished service staff make sure that our appliances at all times serve our customers’ needs.

Service and assembly

Our central service point is in Vantaa where our customer service answers all requests for service, either electronically or by telephone +358 10 820 5805 according to the customer’s wishes. In addition to the metropolitan area Dayton’s own service companies also operate in the Turku and Tampere economic regions. We also work together with reliable service partners all over Finland.

Spare parts service

Under the auspices of service agreements our spare parts service supplies spare parts and equipment according to our customers’ current needs, and as needed also in case of faults. We guarantee comprehensive access to spare parts for all appliances that we sell. Telephone number is +358 10 820 5874

Customer support

With the assistance of our consulting service customers can contact by telephone an expert who is able to help and give advice on matters concerning current operations as well as technical faults.