Jura stands for luxury, performance, design and innovation, and is not called Rolls-Royce of fully automatic coffee machines for nothing!


The best coffee always from fresh beans

Jura manufactures the world’s best specialty coffee machines for the perfect coffee at the touch of a button. At Jura, coffee is always made from fresh beans, never from capsules. You can always make the amount of fresh coffee you need – even a single cup. You never have to throw away any coffee that has expired and waste unnecessary filter and capsule waste.

With Jura’s coffee machines, you can make espresso, ristretto, and many other specialty coffees, depending on the model, very easily by following the instructions provided by the machine. Although the use of the coffee machine is very simple, the end result is like a carefully prepared taste by a professional barista. Revolutionary technology optimizes the brewing time so that even the aromas of short specialty coffees can develop perfectly.

If you are a black coffee lover, you can choose a model that doesn’t have any unnecessary features for you. Cappuccino, latte macchiato and other coffee specialty lovers will find their own devices with plenty of features. There are as many as twenty different beverage options, and of course, a coffee lover can adjust the strength of the beverage to their own liking.

Specialization and innovation

Jura is a pioneer in coffee machines that was the first to introduce the following innovations:

- new coffee grinding technology
- pre-extraction
- adjustable amount of coffee
- cappuccino and other specialty coffees at the touch of a button
- intelligent electronics with screen guidance and control, service requirements and bluetooth technology for ease.

Jura always strives to stay one step ahead of the competition because the best way to predict the future is to come up with it yourself. Jura's competitive advantage is its strong specialization: many machine manufacturers also have filter coffee machines, capsule machines and other small electronics, but Jura focuses only on what it does best. Thanks to its strong specialization, Jura is the world's leading manufacturer of Premium and Super Premium coffee machines.

Durable quality and award-winning design

Jura makes it easy to make up to 20,000 cups of coffee, because the coffee machines are made to last. Quality is also guaranteed by efficient and reliable service, where consumables are replaced quickly and reliably.

The key idea of Jura designers is to combine function and form - simplicity and style. Design creates a wow effect and makes the product desirable. The international design awards received by our products are proof of successful design. Over the last ten years, several of our device models have received international recognition. Recent recognitions include the IF Design Award 2016 for the Z6 and the prestigious Red Dot Award 2016 for E8.

Jura stands for luxury, performance, design and innovation, and is not called Rolls-Royce of fully automatic coffee machines for nothing!

Powerful home and office appliances

Jura’s extensive product range includes its own collection for home and office use. The biggest difference between the collections is the volume, as the coffee machines for home use are sized for 1-10 people. However, with every appliance, you make just as good and high quality coffee. Business-oriented devices have larger tanks, an efficient ceramic mill and more performance. For really high coffee consumption, there are models with two coffee grinders and a water connection option.

World-renowned luxury

Jura’s official brand ambassador is Swiss tennis star Roger Federer, who recently took the 18th Grand Slam win of his career in Australia. As one of the world’s greatest athletes of all time, Federer fits the role perfectly by sharing the values ​​he shares with Jura: performance, accuracy, elegance, dignity and the pursuit of best performance. Jura, is not in vain called Rolls-Royce for coffee machines, as hardly any other brand has such a well-known user base – many of the world’s top athletes and mega-stars make their coffee on Jura’s coffee machines. In addition to Roger Federer and Jarkko Nieminen, Jura’s best-known users are alpine stars Herman Maier and Bode Miller, Bernie Ecclestone and Ralf Schumacher, known from the formulas world, and Eric Clapton, Elton John, Robbie Williams and Clint Eastwood. Dayton is an importer of Jura in Finland. Jura’s coffee vending machines are sold to consumers by, among others, Stockmann, E-Commerce and Crema. Contact Dayton for more information!