Fish consumption is growing, and there are recommendations to increase the use of fish. As a part of fishing industry adhering to sustainable development, we offer extremely modern technology that enables the efficient utilization of the entire fish in the production, and even fish production waste can be further processed into products. We are excited to be able to give strong support to local fishing industry with our contribution, for the entire process, from the processing of raw material to a complete, weighed and inspected package, ensuring for our part that there are high-quality and fresh products on Finnish consumers’ tables.

Scales, Weigh Price Labellers
Labelling solutions
Inspection Systems

Scales, Weigh Price Labellers, Labelling solutions, Inspection Systems, Slicers

Fish processing equipment and solutions

Fish processing equipment and solutions, Refiners

Packaging machines
Packaging solutions

Packaging machines, Dosing, Packaging solutions

Searing, Roasting & Grill Marking Equipment
Spiral Ovens & Chillers

Searing, Roasting & Grill Marking Equipment, Spiral Ovens & Chillers

Needle Injector Solutions

Needle Injector Solutions

Cardboard boxing machines

Sleevers, Cardboard boxing machines


Tempering, Drying

Washing machines
Box washers
Pallet washing machines

Washing machines, Box washers, Pallet washing machines

Flowpack packaging machines
Packaging solutions

Flowpack packaging machines, Packaging solutions

Stainless steel furniture

Stainless steel furniture

Vacuum machines

Vacuum machines



Slicers and Strip Cutters

Dicers, Slicers and Strip Cutters

Smoking Chambers

Smoking Chambers

KG Nimo logo

Lifting Equipment

Tipping Equipment

KG Nimo SKV 300 C3

Lifting equipment, Tipping equipment

Packaging machines
Packaging solutions

Packaging machines, Packaging solutions

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