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Modern order-supply chains are dynamic and complex, however, at the same time vulnerable operating environments, where maximum flexibility, transparency and efficiency are the fundamental preconditions.

The innovative solutions we offer for the receipt of packages and goods, for data management, sorting, preparation and collection of orders help to meet today’s challenging logistics requirements.

Scales, Weigh Price Labellers
Labelling solutions
Inspection Systems

Scales, Weigh Price Labellers, Labelling solutions, Inspection Systems, Slicers

Packaging machines
Packaging solutions

Packaging machines, Dosing, Packaging solutions

Cardboard boxing machines

Sleevers, Cardboard boxing machines


Tempering, Drying

Washing machines
Box washers
Pallet washing machines

Washing machines, Box washers, Pallet washing machines

Flowpack packaging machines
Packaging solutions

Flowpack packaging machines, Packaging solutions

Stainless steel furniture

Stainless steel furniture

Vacuum machines

Vacuum machines


KG Nimo logo

Lifting Equipment

Tipping Equipment

KG Nimo SKV 300 C3

Lifting equipment, Tipping equipment

Packaging machines
Packaging solutions

Packaging machines, Packaging solutions

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